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NRA – National Rifle Association The official National Rifle Association gateway page. – An excellent resource about military firearms. Name one, it’s there! – A forum where you can talk about firearms – Have a questions? Someone there on the board will have an answer!

The Cody Firearms Museum – The Cody Firearms Museum houses the most comprehensive assemblage of American firearms in the world.

Firearms Glossary – Need to know what a certain firearm term means? Look no further!

The Firearms Coalition – Support for the gun rights activist.

The Firearms Blog – A gun blog covering rifle, shotgun, handgun, tactical, hunting, gear and ammunition news, reviews, photos and new products and industry info.

Oregon Firearms Federation – Legislative alerts, gun laws, and gun rights activities pertaining to Oregon.

Firearms – The History of Guns Rifles and Machine Guns – The history of small firearms Samuel Colt invented the revolver – Thompson submachine or Tommy gun was invented by General John Thompson.

Combat Tactical – Your #1 Source for Law Enforcement and Military Gear.