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Smith-Corona WWII 03-A3 rifle

Auction: Smith-Corona WWII 03-A3 U.S. Model

Smith-Corona WWII 03-A3 U.S. Model

Smith-Corona WWII 03-A3 U.S. Model

Now on auction: a WWII era U.S. Model 03-A3 that was manufactured by Smith-Corona. NOTE: Auction ends May 8, 2011. Chambered for the .30-06 Springfield service cartridge, this rifle still retains the original “S C” marked Smith-Corona barrel which is dated 5-43. This rifle has been arsenal overhauled. The pistol gripped “C-Stock” bears a boxed BA/JPL Benicia Arsenal rework stamp on the left side of the butt. Many of the various parts are “R” marked indicating Remington manufacture. Overall condition is very good with about 95% of the arsenal finish remaining on the metal with the exception of the buttplate which shows significant finish wear. There is no rust or pitting. The stock is in very good shape with some dents, dings and scratches but no crack or repairs. The mechanics appear to be in perfect working order and the 4-groove bore is excellent…bright and shape with rather low erosion readings at both throat and muzzle. This Smith-Corona should make for a very good shooter!


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