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Marlin Model 1895M

Auction: Marlin 1895M

Marlin 1895M

Marlin 1895M

Now on the auction block: a Marlin Model 1895M that’s chambered in the powerful .450 Marlin cartridge. NOTE: Auction ends May 8, 2011. This ballistic upgrade of the .45–70 delivers excellent penetration and energy that is adequate for the largest North American big game. The rifle wears a handy 18-1/2″ barrel which is ported for recoil reduction. Iron sights are provided and this rifle is als topped with a oni-piece base for easy scope mounting if desired. The straight buttstock features a factory recoil pad and the wood is nicely checkered. Condition is excellent with very nearly 100% of the original factory blue finish remaining. The stocks are also excellent with only a couple of the smallest handling marks. Perfect bore and perfect action, this would be a great choice for moderate ranges where a fast handling rifle is important.


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