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colt 1911a1 engraved

colt 1911a1 engraved

What a gorgeous pistol! This is a WWII vintage 1911A1 U.S. Army .45 Automatic that has been heavily engraved and silver plated. There is a platinum plated Grizzly on the left side of the slide and a Mountain Lion on the right. The pistol is extensively engraved in a classic oak leaf and acorn pattern. I understand that the work was done in Germany during the post-war occupation. I don’t know the name of the engraver, but the work shows that he was a master. The gun is fitted with a beautiful set of carved ivory grips. The left panel features an Elk, the right side a wild boar. All original rollmarkings have been removed and the original serial number was relocated to the bottom of the front strap. The serial number could be correct for either a WWII Colt OR a WWII Union Switch & Signal (US&S) since Colt duplicated the US&S serial numbers in this range by mistake. Lack of the usual internal Colt inspection markings makes me think it is likely a US&S frame at least. Overall condition is excellent and the pistol retains nearly all of the silver plate. There is some slight toning in areas but no pitting. The grips are in excellent condition…free of any cracks or chips. The mechanics appear to be in perfect working order and the bore is excellent. A truly one-of-a-kind 1911A1 and a beautiful work of art!

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