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Q: How do I get my firearm to you?
A: You can ship a firearm directly to us or you can enlist your local dealer to do it for you (he’ll charge you). If shipping yourself it is important to remember a few things:

  • Include a copy of your State issued I.D. for our records (a photocopy of your driver’s license will do). Also include contact info such as email or phone.
  • Package securely. We cannot be responsible items damaged in shipment.
  • Long guns (rifles and shotguns) can be shipped by your choice of carrier (US Mail is OK).
  • Handguns need to be shipped by private carrier (UPS, FedEx) and cannot be shipped in the mail unless you have a Federal Firearms License.
  • Your shipper may request a copy of our Federal Firearms License as proof you’re shipping to a dealer. This will be provided on request.


Q: How long does it take before I receive money from selling my firearm?
A. This will depend upon our current work-load and if we have other items similar to yours waiting for auction. Usually, payment will be made within 6-8 weeks upon receipt of a new consignment.


Q: How do I know I’m not selling my firearm to a terrorist organization?
A: As a Federally licensed firearms dealer, we are required to follow all relevant Federal, State, and Local laws. We don’t sell to the bad guys and all buyers are required to pass a government background check.


Q: What happens if you ship a firearm to a successful bidder, and in themail the firearm gets damaged?
A: Not your problem. All firearms are shipped from here insured. If the item is damaged you still get paid on schedule and are not required to wait for the insurance company to make good. That’s our problem.


Q: Do you buy firearms outright without using an auction?
A: We do buy firearms outright. In order to make an accurate appraisal however, we still need to have the firearms delivered here first. If an agreement cannot be reached the time can be auctioned or returned via your local dealer. Please contact us for specific details.


Q: How can I be sure the firearm I receive from you is the one I bought?
A: Every firearm is carefully photographed in detail. In most cases, the serial number is even displayed. The gun you see is the one you get…guaranteed!


Q: Who is responsible if the firearm you ship to me gets lost or stolen?
A: We are responsible up until it is delivered to your dealer. Each item is insured and shipped with “Signature Required”. If the item is lost or stolen while in transit, you will receive a complete refund.


Q: How long does it take from the time I buy a firearm from you until I get it?
A: That depends on how quickly and by which method you pay. We usually ship same day payment is received when payment is made by credit card, cashier’s check or money order. Personal checks are accepted but delay shipping 10 days for clearance. We ship handguns via USPS Priority Mail (usually 2-3 day delivery) and long guns via UPS ground (usually 2-7 day delivery)


Q: Can just anybody buy a firearm?
A: Almost anyone who is 21 years of age can purchase a firearm. You must be able to pass a background check so if you’re a convicted felon or illegal alien, you’re out of luck.There are some State and local restrictions so it’s best to be familiar with your own applicable laws before making a purchase….or check with us first.