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About Gun Consignment Sales

Interested in selling your firearms via Internet auction? We partner with to provide you with a 100% professional and reliable consignment service. We have been selling collectible firearms on AuctionArms for over a decade and have a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability. Through AuctionArms your firearms will gain National exposure and will be seen by the most serious collectors.

Your consigned firearms will be professionally photographed and honestly described in order to generate the most money for you! We offer the lowest consignment fees in the industry, yet provide the best service. Most auctions will receive 15 to 30 sharp photos and a detailed, well researched description written by a knowledgeable collector who understands what’s important about your guns… all to put the most money in YOUR pocket!

Rest assured that your firearms will go to the person willing to pay the most… but also that the transfer will be handled professionally by a fully licensed Federal Firearms Dealer and that all Federal, State and Local laws will be observed.

Jackthedog, LLC
Mark Wiprud, Operating Manager